Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase: zip it up and zip away! (Chapter 1)


Abstract: Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcases are regular suitcases with an added feature: a built-in scooter. This means that instead of pulling your luggage behind you or carrying it on your back, you ride on it.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

Fun to ride to travel

Unlike ordinary luggage, Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage can be ridden, which is equipped with a powerful kinetic brushless motor front wheel, driven by electric energy. We can directly ride it at 13km/h speed for transportation. For your next travel, anywhere you might walk, like the airports, stations, hotels, and scenic spots and scenic spots and other situations, you can ride SE3S, making the travel more enjoyable.


Airwheel Se3S smart suitfcase


In order to ride smoothly enough, its control handle adopts the electric telescopic structure, which can increase the wheelbase by 180mm after stretching, and the ride will be more smooth and smooth, even if you need to cross the speed bumps, it is also completely smooth and not bumpy. Meanwhile, the motor wheels are made of 5.5-inch solid and large tires, which have better anti-skid and no risk of flat tires, and are able to cope with both indoor smooth surfaces such as airports and stations, and outdoor road conditions such as relatively complicated gravel roads and sidewalks.


The strength of the Airwheel SE3S riding suitcase is also reliable enough to be ridden and stored with confidence. Not only is the case made of ABS+PC composite material, but also a patented frame - made of 6-series high-strength aluminum alloy using unibody molding technology - is used to reinforce the structure of the case, with a load capacity of up to 110kg, so that a long ride won't cause deformation of the case and won't extrude the luggage inside the suitcase.


Riding control is also very simple. It’s not only easy to get started, but also to avoid the danger of wrong operation. Its intelligent riding handle only has left and right handles, right handles to accelerate, left handles to brake, hold down the left side and then press the right side can be reversed.  No skills required for operation.

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