Airwheel SE3S robotic suitcase: zip it up and zip away! (Chapter 2)


Abstract: In addition the riding function, Airwheel SES scooter suitcase has mobile app, USB port and removable battery. It can make your travel more convenient.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase is designed with a high-performance USB charging port on the outside of the case. As long as you need, you can always connect the data cable for your cell phone, tablet, smartwatch or other electronic devices are fully charged, convenient operation, the design is also very practical and thoughtful.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

For a more convenient and technological experience, Airwheel's R&D team has developed an exclusive APP for SE3S. Whether your phone is Android or IOS, you can download and install the APP and use it to check the cycling speed, remaining power, mileage and other data, and control the status of the robotic luggage in real time. At the same time, through the APP, you can also customize the color and special effects of the ambient light, and achieve intelligent remote control, disconnected alarm and other functions. Also, the remote control mode is available, which can move the luggage remote and set constant cycling speed or establish an action pattern, so that the luggage will follow the established action pattern cycle movement.


Every journey departure, you can choose a lot of transportation, from airplanes to high-speed rail, car, people tend to choose flexibly according to the distance of the destination, price, personal time factors, etc., and in order to accompany you on every journey, Airwheel SE3S ride-on luggage also for the aviation, railroad department's relevant norms, strict control of the details of the design, to ensure that no matter whether it is a plane or high-speed rail can be a smooth ride. Its volume is 550×360×240mm, in line with the international 20-inch boarding box standard specification. The lithium battery adopts modular plug design, and disassembly without tools; battery capacity of 73.26WH, at the same time in line with the aviation and railroad sector "no more than 100WH" requirements, security checks can be passed smoothly, naturally, every trip can be assured that the choice of travel.

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