Getting a smart luggage that rides, the Airwheel SE3S will provide a different travel experience.(Chapter 2)


Abstract: Traveling is free and joyful, but it is also rushing and exhausting. Maybe in the past, there is no way to solve such a dilemma, but in the present time, as long as you choose Airwheel SE3S smart scooter suitcase, the journey will become easier, less laborious, more leisure, and no longer exhausting.


In addition to speed, the R & D team also very carefully considered the durability of the use of luggage, after all, I believe that most people want to get into the equipment can always be good to use. The durability of Airwheel SE3S smart cycling luggage mainly depends on the strength of the case, because it needs to carry the user's weight for a long time, and it must be strong enough to always be intact. In this regard, Airwheel R & D team not only box shell selection of ABS + PC composite material, but also reinforced with a one-piece patented aviation aluminum box frame, load up to 220 pounds, that is to say, as long as the weight does not exceed the standard, you can ride it to have a relaxing and wonderful journey.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

If durability is one of the concerns, then Airwheel SE3S ride-on suitcase product may exist in the second doubt, it will be "whether it can be boarded" this matter. Do not worry, do not worry, you can think of, Airwheel R & D team have thought of. Its box volume of 550 × 360 × 240mm, in line with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding box, take flights without check-in, can be directly on board. The lithium battery adopts the modular design of plug and play structure, no matter disassembling or installing without the use of tools, the operation is very convenient, enough to meet the need to remove and close before the security check, and the battery capacity of 73.26WH, before the security check can be quickly passed, you can rest assured that you can choose to use.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

Functions are practical, doubts are cleared! In the end, Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage, the new generation of technology luggage that came out after the night and day efforts of researchers and developers, the functions realized and the comprehensive qualities demonstrated, did it impress you?

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