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AirWheel S3 Introduction

      Airwheel is the state-of-the-art means of transportation adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Also, turning on S3 is controlled by the presence of a handlebar and a vertically ascending shaft. The lateral movement of the handlebar will cause the differential of rotational speed on both wheels, e.g when the shaft is swung to the left, the rotational speed on the right wheel will be faster than that on the left wheel, thus the unit will turn left.

     Airwheel S3 is the greenest and lightest smart unicycle which can be easily carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commute.


Check Packing Contents

     Open the packing box and carefully take out the handle bar and control shaft. Then take out the wheel assembly.

Given the weight of the wheel assembly, please heave it upward with care. Better find someone for necessary help. Please pay attention to your hands and the front and rear end of the wheel assembly, and avoid lifting it by the dirt covers, otherwise your fingers may be caught.


     Before installation, please find in the standard accessories a set of 2 hexagon wrenches. Please retain this tool kit, it is useful for maintenance and transportation of the unit. As metric standard tools, you may find replacement at home or in a hardware store.

     A pair of work gloves is recommended to protect your hands from dirt and scracthes.

Install the Handlebar and Control Shaft

     Take out the handlebar and control shaft, insert the handlebar into the slot as shown below.Then install the handlebar and shaft assembly onto the wheel assembly and fasten the fixing knob clockwise.



Unfasten the fixing knob before installing or removing the control shaft, then insert the control shaft vertically into the base on the wheel assembly and fasten the fixing knob. Make sure to install the control shaft as shown ticked above (line the inner hole with the outer hole). An overly tightened fixing knob will cause a fixed connection. On the other hand, a loosened fixing knob may cause dangerous detachment.

Install the Battery Case

     Take out 5 M6*20 hexagon screws, fix them into the screw holes on the battery case with a 5mm hexagon wrench, and make sure the battery case and the base are firmly connected.



Lay flat the unit and install the battery case onto it, then fasten the screws.


Use a soft cloth or foam chunks to protect the unit against scratches when it’s laid flat. Make sure the battery case is well connected and screws are fastened. Erect the unit vertically and try to power it on and off to check if the indication panel is working properly.


There are risks of riding or driving any vehicle. Airwheel is no exception. Please make sure this manual is read through and fully understood before getting started, and be alert when riding.

Important Note:

     1. Sharp acceleration or deceleration or speeding via overly leaning forward or backward are strictly forbidden. Do not accelerate when power level indicators show only one bar left, please recharge your Airwheel asap.

     2. Do not ride Airwheel when risking any accidental falls. Safety goes first.


      1. Do wear helmet, gloves, elbow/knee pads or other necessary protection gears.

      2. Do not ride Airwheel on packed roads or crowded streets with motorized vehicles.

      3. Do not ride Airwheel on rough or bumpy surfaces, such as muddy or gravel roads.

      4. Do not ride Airwheel on wet, slippery surfaces, especially icy ones.

      5. Do not ride Airwheel on slopes of over 15° gradient.

      6. Do not allow children under 15 to ride Airwheel.

      7. Do not ride Airwheel in bleak winter conditions.

      8. Do not ride in rainy day.

      9. Please ride slowly on and off slopes.

Other unpredictable risks may occur during usage, please ride with caution.Airwheel will not take responsibilities for any injuries caused by misuse of the product.

Safety Guidelines and Riding Etiquettes

     Please learn and abide by local laws and regulations when riding Airwheel. Be careful and considerate of others, and take precaution of accidents and collisions.

     Please ride at safe and proper speed and make sure your Airwheel is under control. Keep yourself a safe distance from pedestrians and vehicles and always be prepared to stop.

     Respect pedestrians and avoid startling pedestrians, especially children. When approaching from behind, announce yourself and slow down to walking speed when passing. Pass on the left whenever possible. When approaching a pedestrian from the front, stay to the right and slow down.

     Keep a safe distance from other Airwheel riders and always avert from obstacles. Unless there’s ample space for other pedestrians, please do not ride side by side with fellow Airwheel players.

     Please avoid riding in poor light unless necessary, and make sure in this scenario you ride at slow, safe speed with care and geared with mounted driving lights if possible.

     Please relax your body when riding, bend your knees and elbows slightly and look straight forward.

     Riding backward can be dangerous. For emergency, ride slowly backward in neccesary avoidance of obstacles.

Please lean forward slightly to accelerate instead of lunging forward suddenly. You my lose balance and get yourself hurt in aggressive acceleration. It is the main cause of accidental falling overs.

Initiative Safety Measures

Please read through this manual and make sure it is fully understood.

     Do not allow others try your Airwheel, unless he/she has read through this manual.

     Please do wear safely gears while riding Airwheel. Make sure your helmet is comfortably fit and qualified for safety protection. Riders may wear glasses, elbow/knee pads according to their own experiences.

     Please do not ride Airwheel when you are under the weather or affected by alcoholic/drugs and not able to follow the instructions on the manual.

     Please stop riding immediately when Airwheel starts alerting for low battery or over speed. Charge your Airwheel in time to ensure safe and smooth usage.

     Make sure to power off Airwheel before moving it. Do not lift Airwheel on the wheel in case your fingers get caught between the tire and case.

     Check your Airwheel carefully for any loosened or damaged parts everytime prior to usage and do not ride before proper troubleshooting.

Steering with your body leaning against the control shaft is very likely to cause accidents and injuries. Always make sure to keep one-fist distance from the control shaft and the handle bar. Do not lean against the control shaft, this contributes to most of the accidents.

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